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The Concept

Covid-19 has isolated the public more than ever. The concept for this project was to document the societal shift due to Covid-19 and examine if and how the public opinion on social sustainability had changed due to the pandemic.


It is necessary to reflect on what we have been through and to have a 'space' to come together in the midst of the struggle.


This project has been titled 'Alone, Together' because of the unity we have found amidst the isolation.

Images From the Exhibition

Testimonials From the Artists

'It was a pleasure to be included in 'Alone, Together' and be given the chance to show the work I had made whilst processing the events of the past year. 

Shannon successfully found a way to bring together all of the artists to exhibit work in spite of obvious roadblocks. It's so important to stay connected and share ideas during this time! the exhibition was well-curated and thoughtfully put together, I look forward to seeing future projects."

Ryan F.

"I first came across Shannon as she was curating this wonderful virtual art exhibition, “Alone, Together”. I had never participated in an event like this before.


Shannon was meticulously organised, brilliant with communication, and made me feel like I was part of a community. 

As a curator, she has done a fantastic job of putting together the exhibition. The quality of work speaks for itself. As an artist, the 3D model of the exhibition area was just plain exquisite. 

I would recommend Shannon without any reservations."

Purbasha M.

"Being part of the Alone, Together exhibition gave me an opportunity to explore and process my lockdown experience. Taking part really did allow me to feel connected to others. I thoroughly enjoyed participating."

James R.

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